Collectively, the new company has about 900 employees.The deal comes during a period of turbulence for local book printers. Both companies have reduced their workforce in recent years.Book printers face a number of challenges, including the emergence of electronic books, devices that allow stores to print their own books, commodity costs and school districts that have clamped down on textbook spending.Book printers are also directly affected by the loss of physical bookstores, including last year’s liquidation of Ann Arbor based Borders Group Inc. And the bankruptcy filing of NBC Acquisition Corp.’s Nebraska Book Co., which is considering closing four local college bookstores.Malloy produces books for “publishers of all sizes, in all segments of the publishing industry, in all parts of the United States,” according to its website.Edwards Brothers has won several tax abatements from the city of Ann Arbor in recent years, including an abatement in 2010 to offset the costs of a $5.48 million equipment upgrade.Edwards said book printers continue to experience “intense price pressure” and a shifting customer base.”We doing more orders and they smaller, which makes sense.

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Remember going to a few Scrappers games with my little league teams, he said. Then, I thought it was the coolest thing ever to get the Scrappers autographs. I got (former Cleveland Indian) Einar Diaz to sign a ball when he was here on a rehab assignment.