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Following the breakdown of negotiations between Air Madrid and LTU [International Airways, a low cost carrier], the managers of Air Madrid anticipate meetings with other companies, according to Efe, the Spanish news agency. The list of interested parties includes Gestair, a carrier that rents out private jets; an [unknown] investment fund and Swiftair.

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Now, airlines have added new amenities for extra fees like Wi Fi, creating a cornucopia of options or a proliferation of what many travelers call and diming. Of just selling amenities a la carte, some airlines are opting to create fare tiers, each offering a different level of service.

Mitry said the new sheriff taskforce, started in September, does compliance checks at various warehouses in the San Gabriel Valley to make sure the pallets are their own. It also investigates purchases made by junk dealers and recycling centers. The daily fee may be low, but tolls, gas and parking, make it far more expensive than it seems. Also, Europe is dotted with automatic speed guns and cameras that will issue a ticket and track you down even at home..

Finally, there’s the “U 15768 implementation” surcharge, which allows DTE to immediately self implement a portion or all of a rate increase request submitted to the Michigan Public Service Commission. Simons says the Legislature allows DTE to start billing at the higher rates with understanding that if the rate increase is rejected or reduced by the PSC, customers would get a rebate.